Beryl Stevens

BA, GradDipArts(CivilCeremonies)Monash, MHistory, MOralHistory&HistoricalMemory

However you choose to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one – in a traditional service, or more informally, a small and intimate gathering, or a large community event – your needs will be my first priority.

I have a background in music, the arts, social science and writing. I am experienced in organising events and public speaking. I am friendly and approachable and, being part of a large, extended family, I am comfortable mixing with people of all ages and situations.

I have postgraduate qualifications from Monash University specialising in civil ceremony, oral history, biography and life story writing, and creative writing, which will be reflected in the quality and presentation of the service.

I value my work and appreciate the role that ceremony continues to play in our modern society.

If you need to arrange a ceremony for your loved one, you are welcome to contact me personally at any time or ask your funeral director to give me a call on your behalf. Private enquiries are confidential and obligation-free.

Funeral: A ceremony to honour a person who has recently died, which normally includes a burial or cremation.

Memorial: When the body of the deceased is not present during the service.

Interment: Laying the body or ashes of the deceased in their final resting place (grave, niche wall, ashes scattered).

Living Funeral: Family and friends come together personally to honour their loved one while they are still living. Usually held in the later stage of their life or a significant milestone.